Flowing Energy and Joy for Life

Would you like to connect with your radiant and regenerative power? Learn to use it to really feel sustainably joyful and balanced?

Learn how you can create health, joy, contentment, serenity and awareness out of your individual competence and anchor it in to your core self?

I support, assist and guide you on your personal path of self discovery and self empowerment.

About me

My name is Sara Steinmann. I have been working as a counselor and therapist for almost 30 years and have been exploratory and spiritual my whole life. As a naturopath and psychological counselor I have been working in Berlin Charlottenburg, as well as in Berlin Kladow for 12 years.

Through my father and great-grandfather I have inherited my shamanic roots and through my mother and great-grandmother my clairvoyant and clairsentient skills. These skills are very helpful for my therapeutic work – and even indispensable for my healing work!

Psychological Counseling

People come to my practice with a desire to change either themselves or that which is no longer running smoothly in their lives. They wish for a life with strength and joy and want to be healthier. Often the initiator for this wish is an illness.

In addition to illnesses, drastic experiences, traumas, such as death in a close environment, divorce, loss or an accident can also be an initiator.

Natural times of transition can also pose a great challenge, such as a change of job, motherhood or fatherhood, or even menopause. Likewise, spiritual transitions in life can be complex and require guidance, accompaniment and support.

Guidance in the process of growth and transformation

During this time of initiation by life I guide and support you to find your way back to your innate power and resilience and to build it up sustainably. I hold a very personal, individual and sacred space for you and your healing, potential development, integration of strength and stability. In connection with this, I support you with tools to independently revivie the gained knowledge in everyday life.

On your path towards yourself you acquire skills that you can always use to regulate and center yourself with in a self-determined manner. Thus, more life energy can be anchored in the body and in the present moment.

The focus of my work lays in the process of growth and expansion, personal and individual development of potentials, transformation and the increasing importance of an inner spiritual alignment and development of a reliable inner core of human beings.