Flowing Energy, Strength and Joy for Life.

Being in touch with your Inner Core, your Inner True Expression of Self, ignites regeneration and radiance. Learning to know and use this connection and relationship to Self brings lasting joy and balance.

Experience through your own individual ability, how to create and anchor health, joy, contentment, serenity and awareness within yourself.

On this path I will support and guide you to walk your authentic and personal path of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

About me

My name is Sara Steinmann. I have been working as a counselor and therapist for almost 30 years and have been explorative and spiritual my whole life. As an alternative healing practitioner and psychological counselor, I have been working in Berlin Charlottenburg, as well as in Berlin Kladow for 18 years.

Through my father I developed a sense for quantum physics and from my great-grandfather I inherited my shamanic roots. Through my mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers I received my clairvoyant and clairsentient skills.

These skills are very helpful for my therapeutic work – undoubtedly essential for my healing work.

Psychological Counseling and Consciousness Coaching

People who come to my practice have a longing or an urgency for change, either themselves or what is no longer working in their lives. They yearn for a life lived with strength and joy and, above all, they are longing for contentment, and more connection.

Often the initiator for this is an illness or crisis.

These crises can be drastic experiences, traumas, serious illness and death, divorce, loss or an accident can be an initiators.

Other natural transitions can also pose a great challenge, such as a change of job, motherhood or fatherhood, or menopause.

Likewise religious or spiritual transitions in life are complex and require guidance and integrative support.

Guidance in the process of Transformation

In this time of initiation of life I guide and support you in finding back to your authentic power and resilience and to build it up sustainably. I hold a very personal and individual space of healing, potential development, integration of strength and stability for you. In relation with this, I support you in anchoring the insights you have gained into your everyday life.

On your way towards Your Self you will acquire skills that you can always use to regulate and center yourself in a self-determined way. In this way, more life energy can flow and be anchored in the body and in the here and now.

My focus and passion in my work lays in the transformation of human beings in their process of growth, in their personal and individual unfolding of their potentials, as well as the increasingly important expansion of the inner spiritual alignment and development of a reliable inner compass or core.