“The main task of a healer is to give his patient access to his own innate inwardness; for there, in most cases, lies the cause of disease. Only those who are aware of the power of their thoughts, feelings, and desires begin to understand what physical developments these mental processes trigger.”

Renée Bonanomi
„Heilung geschieht im Bewusstsein“  Aquamarin Verlag,  2018

“When I meet people in my practice, I experience diversity, beauty, power and strength and a consciousness that wants to be awakened, expanded and deepened.

This consciousness wants to be seen and embodied in everything – for this I set impulses”.

Sara Steinmann

Keystones of my working method

The Energy Codes and B.E.S.T. by Dr. Sue Morter  Transformation- and Energy Healing by K. and R. Schörling   Eden Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

Bio-Well, GDV-Camera by Prof. K. Korotkov 

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